We Love Hearing From Our Customers!

I cannot express my thank you enough for this product!! I have a special needs daughter and because of this product...she was able to go on the beach..maintain her temp, stay out of the wind, and the blowing sand! She laughed as she heard the ocean. The whole time she was in the tent she was happy and smiley! THANK YOU!
A. Griffith

I used my Under The Weather tent for the first time today at my son's baseball tournament in Oregon and it was AWESOME! I absolutely love it and could not be more happy with it! MANY other parents loved it too and will hopefully be going to your website to purchase their own! Thank you so much for inventing this wonderful creation!
J. E. Walden

“I wanted to email and thank you for such a great product. We have his and hers sports tents and really enjoy them. They are very durable, lightweight and easily stowed in the carry bag. They are very useful in the rain, wind and for protection from the sun. We are impressed with the sports tents and especially with how user friendly they are. Thanks again for such a great product.”
R. Orth

“I just used my new sports tent all weekend, through wind, rain, cold, and sun , and I just love it!!! I'm a "grama lady" and supposed to stay out of the sun so I will be using it all summer to help keep the UV rays off of me. My husband and I (together) can easy manage to fold it up. It is lightweight enough for me to carry myself. What a great idea!!!!”
Gratefully yours, M. Baker

“This tent is amazing. I just sat through a 90-minute game in 30 degree, snowy weather. I was warm the entire game. Putting the tent up is easier than putting it down but when it’s cold or rainy I just fold it once, throw it in the car and fold it up when I get home. I do NOT enjoy being cold! The dads used to make fun of me and my tent but after Friday night’s game, they all said they’d be ordering their own!”
J. Spencer

“My cousin told me about the Under the Weather tents and we ordered two before a tournament in North Carolina. It was the BEST investment we have ever made. We kept warm and dry through four game. It was very easy to put up and down after a few tries and is small enough to tote from game to game. This will be one of my best soccer mom investments ever!
P. Brandon

We had our first opportunity to use our shelters. Amazing! Thank you UTW. Great design!
J. Bojarski

Absolutely amazing product! Worth every dollar spent! 
M. Delaney

With the cold weather and approaching spring soccer season, I sure am glad my beautiful wife bought me an undertheWEATHER tent for my birthday!
J. Westerkamp

My husband showed several of his fellow tankermen your website and liked what they saw. Be expecting orders from Louisana! 
C. McFly

Love this tent, I tell everyone about under the weather, I even sit in it while handing out trick or treat candy. 
B. Kuhlenberg

This tent has already made our campout SO much more comfortable. Great product....I am telling everyone about it!
J. Williams

Who needs an umbrella?!? It was 39 degrees and starting to rain! I didn't even really need my jacket on in there. Love my tent! 
T. Hayes

These tents are the best! I am so tired of being wet and cold on a field. I used it yesterday for the first time and I'll never be without it again!! 
P. Mabon Virno

Pouring rain and I the 40's! We needed to make room for a couple family members! It was tight, but we were warm and dry! Thank you! K.

Snowing in Maryland in April! Thankfully I just got my bubble! We kept warm watching a evening soccer game!! C. Smith

We LOVE them!! Thank you!!  
A. Rageous

Best purchase EVER! And I've only used it once....so far!
B. Heitmann

My dad broke mine in today. He lives in AZ and couldn't stand our bitter
Chicago winds at today's ball game. He called the tent the cats meow! Thank you! J. Prince

I'm ready for all of my hubby's softball games now. Rain, wind, cold or sun. #LoveIt #HappyCustomer.
M. Martinez

Just want to let you know how much I love my tent. I've used it and love it and envy of the ball field. Game last night so cold and windy and guess what? I was so warm and toasty. Best early Mother's Day present ever.
M. Webb

I used my tent for the first time last night for my son's double header. The temperature outside was about 41 and the wind chill brought it down to around 36. The winds were gusting at least up to 30 MPH. Miserable! I set up my tent, staked it down and put my chair, purse and bag full of must-haves inside with me. The sun peaked out a few times and before you know it, I had my coat and my shoes off because I was so comfortable. There were times I cracked open a window to cool off. It was laughable how nice this tent was. There were several people who came and talked to me about it and five of them were planning on ordering as soon as possible. Had I slid my chair over, I think a young child could have easily sat on the floor next to me. I LOVE THIS!
M. Anderson

I ordered the pop-up tent for my sons baseball games. I absolutely love as well as the entire baseball community of Amarillo Texas.
T. Josh

I used it last night for the first time at my daughter’s high school softball game. It was great! Not only did I stay warm and protected from the wind, I closed the front section to keep the field dust from blowing in my face. I got several stares at the beginning of the game and I chucked at everyone else all bundled up with snow suits and blankets, but by the end of the game spectators from both sides were asking me where I got it. I am taking it to a tournament this weekend, I won’t go to future game without it. I posted a picture of me in it on my Facebook page, got lots of likes and many people asked where they could get one. Your website is now on my FB page…
S. Grace